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Strategic Planning for Construction Firms

Construction and Engineering firms looking to grow and thrive in uncertain times need to prepare for multiple economic scenarios, learn how to leverage technology and innovation, promote (and improve) their unique culture and attract the right talent. To ensure a firm is heading in the right direction, firm owners need to design and implement a […]

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4 Simple Steps for Improving Your Cash Flow

Businesses looking to guarantee profitability need to make positive cash flow one of their top goals. This advice is especially important for contractors. While profit is one of the most important measures of your financial well-being, short-term gains may not answer immediate needs. Cash-flow concerns for individual projects can spur the need for financing thus […]

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Prepare for Future Opportunities with a Strategically Focused Board

When recruiting board members in the 21st century, diversity and inclusiveness must be at the top of the list. A board that is primarily dominated by one gender, ethnicity or age runs the risk of missing out on new ideas from different perspectives. Today, stakeholders want inclusive boards where there is a wide range of […]

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Making a Family File

One of the most difficult things for a family to deal with after the death of a loved one is sorting through the endless paperwork needed to get the estate in order. It is important that your documents are in order to ensure prompt payout on any life insurance policies. By creating a “family file” […]

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Understanding Your Cash Flow and Financial Statements

As a business owner, it is important to be able to read and understand the accounting terms found in your financial statements. Once you understand the basics of the financial statements, you can interpret what they mean to your organization’s financial health. Understanding your Financial Statements A Statement of Financial Position, also known as a […]

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